Care & Policy

Welcome to Dustland Designs 

Thank you for taking interest in my art. 

I’d like to walk you through a few “this and that’s” of how to take the best care of your new piece. 

I use mainly a lot of Crystals, Minerals, Copper and Leather. 


It’s sturdy. It will tarnish. I don’t regularly seal my pieces, because I find that doesn’t always work so well with my wire wrapping. However it is quite simple to shine up. Gently use a Jewelry Cloth and buff. Never use a tarnish removing solution, as that will take all the oxidization I put onto the piece. 


While many Crystals are quite sturdy, some cannot withstand being dropped or bumped into shopping carts and counters. The Glorious Geode being one of them. Please take extra care, tucking your necklace to your body, while leaning forward as to avoid a mishap. 

As I can sometimes repair a Crystal or Geode, I cannot do so without noticeable fascinations, and I cannot be held responsible for these damages. 

No handmade artisan work should ever be submerged in water. Ever. No shower, no swim, no sweat. This way you’ll get a lifetime of wear.

Leather. Leather can stretch overtime and should also avoid water. No dishwater, no showers, no swimming. I cannot be held responsible for damages cause this way. 

Repairs. I offer free, or tiny charge repair. As long as you can get the piece to me. Ie: you are responsible for shipping charges. Shipping is on you and repair is on me. Somethings I cannot repair, or have to get very creative, and your piece may not look the same, but then that is up to you!  

All in all this is wearable art, and is made with pride, and should be worn accordingly. Your new art will last a very long time as long as it is taken care of.

Thanks so much for being here.

Stefani ✨